Repurposed Vintage Fabrics Into Organizer and Gift Bags

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting Started on a Simplier Lifestyle

Here you will find how I've revisited the simple life our grandparents and great grandparents of the early 1900's lived. Learn how to find good used vintage or antique deals to use in your life for everyday living. Don't pay for new things at high prices when you can turn a used vintage item into something you can use everyday. Re-purpose vintage fabrics, table cloths or old pieces of clothing into purposeful organizing space. Plus, much more here on Simple Life Revisited.

Learn how to make meals on a budget using organic items. Raise your own vegetable garden and learn how to make your own compost bed. All these things can be done living a  simple life-style.  
I'll share pictures of how our family is doing this in our everyday life.

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