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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Deal With Indiviual Dietary Needs When Meal Planning

My husband and daughter are healthy and can eat just about anything they like. Me on the other hand have multiple dietary restrictions and have to eat foods that are only organic and gluten free, sugar free and soy, corn and rice free, not to mention very little dairy products are allowed.
I love the book "Eat Right For Your Blood Type" by Dr. De'Amo. That is a good place to start off if you have food allergies or sensitivities. When I've had special allergy tests done for foods, his book was a close match to the foods I should avoid that I was allergic to.
I am a stay-at-home Mom. I cook my own meals and since both my husband and daughter work, I only cook one meal for them at dinner time. I also have Lyme disease which has left me with a limited amount of energy. So, this works out good for me to only prepare them the one meal a day.
I make simple meals that only take 10 minutes to prepare and then put in the oven or crock pot or stock pot.
On my Handmade Creations blog I am doing recipes from an Amish cookbook. They are very simple and economical.
I've been using Watkins Organic spices such as onion and garlic and the rest of their gluten free line and love the quality and price. I decided to become a rep. and save money on my purchases.
Since I want them to eat healthy like I do I just buy the same products and make their meals from that. If you check your local Wal-mart you will find they are carrying more gluten free and organic products in all departments at a huge savings over the organic market specialty stores prices.
So my best advise is to buy all the same ingredients for the whole family and go from there.

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